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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 11 - Ruins

This Phun-size Philosophy I wanted to talk about ruins and how it applies to things in life. If something is ruined, it is essentially at a point where it is completely in the opposite shape from which it originated from, that is unless is started out as a piece of crap. When something is originally created or made and is brand new, it usually has qualities that are at its peak. It is cool to think that once an inanimate object is created, its quality usually degrades the second it comes into existence. Unlike animate objects like humans, we continue to grow and physically peak at around our twenties but continue to improve other aspects of our beings like mentally. Just like when humans reach a point, they can no longer continue and will hopefully go to a better place when they die. Objects on the other hand just break and get scraped. Their afterlife may be to get recycled but unfortunately a lot of it just ends up in landfills and dumps. This is because when something is ruined it usually is beyond repair. They can’t be fixed back to its original status because of some irreversible cause. Some people try to catch things before they are past the point of no return by fixing them up. There is usually something you can do to make the subject's health better whether it is an object or a situation or whatever has been ruined, it just probably won't be as effective as new. Something to do is to determine when the object is worthwhile to fix or dispose of because sometimes it is just too resource intensive to try and repair. Sometimes the value of your time and effort isn't worth the outcome. Sometimes it is just best to trash (no recycle!) whatever it is that becomes ruined and buy or make another one. Letting go of your childhood blanket may be tough, but it probably wasn’t keeping you very warm with all of the holes in it. I hear snuggies will keep you very cozy.

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