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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 14 - Secrets

This Phun-size Philosophy I wanted to talk about secrets. Secrets are basically the pieces of information that shouldn’t be disclosed to the general public or certain parties. This could be for a multitude of reasons which is a major part in determining why a secret is made in the first place. Secrets are kept hidden from basically everyone or just kept between certain people in order to prevent the spread of information. For a majority of situations, if every single person knew about a particular secret, most wouldn’t even care because they can't directly relate to the situation where the secret pertains to. If I heard about Juliet's from North Dakota's scandalous relationships with Farmer Joe, I would wonder why someone was telling me that. While humans like drama and scandals (when it doesn’t apply to them) because of the excitement they bring, I couldn’t care less about what happens to Juliet to be honest. It is natural however to be curious about your immediate surroundings and this could perhaps make you seem a little bit nosy. You can't know everything about everybody but knowing certain things helps provide comfort because you are kept in the loop. A huge part of secrets is what it is about and who is it between. These two questions help determine a secret's criticalness, urgency as well as how drastic the consequences will be if it becomes revealed. There are certain parties in life who are prone to revealing secrets easily. Depending on the situation secrets may just slip out or be forced out. Secrets are usually locked up but those who have a particular interest in discovering them can endorse a wide variety of tactics to uncover them. Interrogations have been a know technique used against the greatest spies in the history of humanity. The important thing to know is that secrets are usually confidential for a reason. Just like the post a wrote before about bindings, secrets usually have a contract with them. You need to preserve the integrity of a secret by not spilling the beans. If such a contract is violated there are usually always negative consequences associated with it. They can ruin a friendship or possibly put others in harm's way. There is trust involved in keeping a secret well… a secret. The best thing to do when given a secret is to keep it to yourself. That is of course if retaining such a secret can be damaging to the health of one's reputation, health, etc. Secrets can be tricky business but use your best judgment whenever presented with one.

-Allan Nicholas

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