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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 28 - Violations

Violations are basically the rule breaking and not following the set of guidelines for which people are expected to abide by. If you are associated with anything you usually have to follow some certain list of rules in order to continuing to receive the special privileges you’ve been afforded today. For instance, if you want to live comfortably in the United States you can't break any of the laws set up by the government or commit crimes as determined by said government. We have rules set up in the first place to create organized actions. By setting up rules, you create order from which you can direct the flow of progress for society. You also set up rules to avoid havoc and chaos so you don't waste resources or have unnecessary losses in other aspects of life. In life there are plenty of people who actively choose to violate said rules and a part of preventing and reducing these events is to understand what and why the perpetrators of said crime did so. Because there are laws for almost all aspects of life, there are also many ways to break them. Of course there is no way to refute or try and support straight up murder, there are many ways to view a situation and that is what lawyers and part of our justice system is about. What can be considered good by one person can also be considered bad by others. It is all based upon your upbringing and your environment that helps shape your moral code and what you believe is right vs. wrong. There are many situations in life that challenge our beliefs in what is right and wrong and those are where moral dilemmas come into play. If you are perceived by the general public to have committed and bad deed or denounced by the judge as being guilty, there are obviously going to be consequences for your past actions. There were probably punishments involved and they are used instituted in order to prevent future actions of similar caliber. There will inevitably be repeat offenders however and no matter how many repercussions they will undergo, they will continue to violate laws. There are certain inspirations and motivations to violate laws that come from both external and internal forces. Finding out the source for doing such a negative actions and exhibiting negative behaviors can also be helpful in the prevention aspect of crime fighting. The important thing to look at is to how improve the situation from the damage that had been caused and finding out how the perpetrators will make up for their mistakes. Will they do community service or will they have other consequences that make it clear to the rest of the parties involved that the wrongdoers will compensate those who they have negatively affected with their actions. Making up for what you did in the past is the first step in making the future better.

-Allan Nicholas

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