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Friday, September 3, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 13 – Role Models

When you dissect the words “Role Models” you basically are saying they are the people who represent what you want to do with your life when you are able to. Being able to may mean that you grow up similarly to them or possess a certain skill or ability that can help you accomplish your dreams very similarly to how a role model did it. Google will tell you they are people, who are examples; who have their actions emulated by others. Role models are the people who you look up to. Because they are who you want to become you look to them or guidance and advice in order to achieve a similar status or fate. A role model can come in many shapes and sizes. One of the biggest and most publicized forms of a role model is celebrities. Because of the media and paparazzi, we are cued into almost all of their moves. Because many people aspire for fame and fortune, we correlate those actions to being the ones that will get us such success. Having a certain hairstyle or fashion sense won’t necessarily get you famous, but it is one step closer to being like Hannah Montana. While I wouldn’t advise you to take fashion tips from Lady Gaga, there are many people who look up to her and want to be like her. Another role model that almost all of you are familiar with is your parents. Their actions help dictate what you become in life and their teaching and guidance instill values that you take with you for many years to come. I believe that almost every little kid believes that their parents are the coolest people alive, and while maybe not so much as we grow up; their actions have been a big influencer in how you will live your life in the future. Regardless of who it is, we all have someone who has inspired us or accomplish something you wish you could too. I know I wish I could have invented the internet or sliced bread so I look up to those people who did so. See the thing with role models is that their actions determine yours. If you follow them doing what they do or what they have done in the past can most likely get you in the position you wish to be in to reach your dreams. If you want to be like Justin Beiber, try posting videos of you singing and dancing on the internet and see where that gets you. It might not necessarily get you that record contract you’ve dreamed of but it can’t hurt right? On second thought I don’t think anyone wants to see that. : P What I want to stress is that I think the important thing to be is your own personal role model. You shouldn’t be too dependent on external factors influencing your life to the point where you are eagerly waiting for the next edition of the tabloids. While you should ideally live your life for others, you should live it by your own dreams and feeling in order to be the happiest.

-Allan Nicholas

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