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Monday, September 20, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 30 - Reverting Back

Reverting back means that you have gone away from something you are currently involved in to some other previous stage in your life. You may move back to a time that you appreciate more and most likely will accomplish more in and you undergo changes to basically reverse all changes that have modified your environment from the way it used to be. These changes and revisions have been seen before because you are reverting back to them. The main question is why did you want to change back but I will get to that soon. When you revert you are essentially going back to square one. Everyone has an originating point from which they develop and move on from. If you go back to the way things were you can in a sense waste time or other resources but it isn't necessarily always like that. To determine if it was a waste of time, money, or resources, you need to understand the motivation and reasoning for the switch. Usually the reason to go back to the start is because they liked the original way better. Anoth3er reason is that you could have also lost everything that you have therefore needing to go back to the basis and safe haven from which you have developed and built you life off of. It may not be because you lost everything either but just possibly because you need to take a break and go back to refigure your current predicament out and need to get everything situated and plan an effective course of action from which you can move on and improve your future. When talking about reverting back, you then begin to look at the different transformations that can occur in one's life. I believe that everyone is a dynamic character that will change dramatically as time goes on. There are many paths one can take and you can also try to revert back to the way things were. You can't always revert back to way things were because your environment is always changing and sometimes those changes are irreversible. For instance, you can't turn back the hands of time and through that people grow up and change perspectives and opinions that won't always be beneficial to revert back to the way they were. When you were a child you may wanted to be a superhero but right now I don't think that is a viable job option. : P The thing with reverting back to the way things were is that it may not necessarily help the progress of improvement in your life. With reverting back, you don't try new things that can be a very important part of progression because when you experience new things you widen your perspectives. If you revert back, you may not have anything to show for your hard work that has taken up time in your very busy life. Reverting back to the way things were usually shows your comfort levels because you may have liked the way things were and wish to live in similar surroundings. The problem with this is that you may lose opportunities to extend your boundaries if you don't take risks and try things you’ve never experienced before. This isn't always true however because you can revert back to your home town and living situations that you had as a child even though you went out into the world and made a billion dollars. It all depends on what you personally want to do with your life and where you see yourself going in the future.

-Allan Nicholas

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