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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 18 – Doing What’s Right

We’ve all been taught by our parents that we should always do the right thing but what exactly does that entail and how should it affect our actions? I think that there isn’t always a clear cut right vs. wrong so it can be a very tough decision to make on what to do. What you may think as being right can be completely different from someone else’s perspective. What you believe is right is formed from your upbringing and morals, values, etc. What your family has taught you along with what you have experienced has developed your sense of justice and your views on what is that right way to deal with all the different situations your environment may put you through. Your own perspective and views on the world are then compared next to societies and the other parties involved in a particular situation. By varying the views, you are bound to get some form of arguments or disagreements. For instance if you are put in a situation where you can make a lot of money but step on your friends, someone who is greedy like Mr. Krabs would definitely pick money over the friends whereas someone else may not. Something that helps give general guidelines to what is the right way to act is the laws that our government set up. They help create a widespread consensus and rules which set the foundation from which citizens then build up their own ideals and beliefs of what is right. I am pretty sure that everybody thinks that generally murdering someone is wrong but then it brings up a varying opinion on whether capital punishment should be legal or not. Another thing to consider is that doing what’s right isn’t always the popular choice because what can be a fad or trend doesn’t necessarily follow those rules and guidelines but will gain followers by utilizing elements like peer pressure and manipulating other’s emotions to make them think that they are cool by doing such a thing. I think what everyone should do if they are weary on what to do is to always use your best judgment. Not all beliefs or values will hold up to all situations that you are bound to face in life so you need to take each situation with a case by case basis to live a successful life.

-Allan Nicholas

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