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Monday, September 13, 2010

Phun-Size Philosophy #20 - Special Treatment

Special treatment is in essence the way in which one gets preferential care that is usually provided with the intention to improve/worsen a situation. It also means that you aren't like anyone else in the fact that you are one of the only ones to receive such treatment from a given party and others don't share such fortune or pain depending on what party it is. Sometimes getting special treatments comes with perks and added benefits like handicaps that can give you an advantage if you are on a good standing relationship with those who you receive special treatment from. It can also go towards the opposite end of the spectrum where a negative relationship with someone will give you hardships and added distress in your life that you otherwise wouldn’t have if you have a positive relationship with them and can in fact make your life worse than it was from the start. There are many forms but the most popular form of special treatment usually comes in the way of favoritism. Favoritism according to Google is an inclination to favor some person or group. Things like favoritism usually come about because you have a unique relationship with someone. This relationship usually means that you have had prior exposure to this other person or thing which means that your pasts have built up and developed into what it is today. For instance, you probably wouldn’t let a random stranger borrow $5 because they haven't had the past experiences with you that help build a sense of trust thus making you willing to let them borrow some money. I have also noticed that people are usually harsher with people that they know well, like a best friend, because they are comfortable and know that regardless of what is said they will still probably be friends at the end of the day. I believe that things like favoritism aren't always the best policy because they can make others feel alienated or less wanted. You should always try to keep a level playing field and give everyone an equal opportunity in your perspective to become a friend or colleague. This means you should try to ignore prejudices and other viewpoints that can limit the growth and development of new relationships. The one thing about receiving special treatment is that it means you stand out in some way and have some unique quality about yourself. It may be your skills or personalities that make you be favored in the eyes of others, or it could be your unwillingness to be quiet in class that got you on your teacher's naughty list.

-Allan Nicholas

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