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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 10 – Friends

Friends are the important people in your life who you hold in some of the highest regards. They are the people who you wish to share your life with and most of the times are the good times. It may seem like I’m describing love but friends can relate closely to the intimate love that spouses have but is in another direction. There are some similarities but it doesn’t necessarily have to deal with sexuality. It is special relationships you form with people who you have some special chemistry with. It may be your interests, personality or some other factor that makes you and another person connect on a friendly level. It is important to define exactly what a friend is because things like Facebook has included friends as being the people you don’t even say hi to in the hallways. Real friends are the people who you form a strong allegiance with and you mostly treat them with some sort of affection. It can be a type of love that is solely based on wanting to share fun experiences with. You trust them and because of that your friends get special privileges over your life and vice versa but it is a necessary part of building a great relationship. You will do almost anything for them and you have their back in almost any given situation. You will go to almost any lengths to make your best friends happy. You treat them differently like you can be harsher on them than a random stranger because of your past with them. That past a developed a comfort zone with your friends and allows you to stretch the acceptability for your actions directed towards them. They may annoy you but through thick and thin you stick with them. It is those very important relationships that help make life meaningful. Those memories formed and the emotions that are made from the day to day events you spend together help make life are full and complete one.

-Allan Nicholas

Phun-size Philosophy # 9 – Pushing Boundaries

Everybody has certain boundaries imposed upon them from birth in almost every aspect of life. We are all born with a set of skills and talents that vary from person to person. Some people are very smart while other can be great artists or maybe both. Because we all aren’t born on a level playing field, we need to rely on our actions in order to get ahead in life. While it isn’t necessarily to be better than everyone else or for that matter even compare yourself to them, you do want to be the best you can be personally and that comes from pushing those boundaries. By constantly pushing what you’ve done in the past you constantly raise the bar of what you are capable of doing in the future. You expand your limits and the only way to do so is to get out of the comfort zone you’ve lived in. You must do so in order to show what you are truly capable of. There are so many tests in life that help set the stage in order to display what we are. Ranging from the SAT’s to the sports games, we all are put into situations where we need to show off what we can do and they create motivation and essentially a need to get better in order to beat the opposing team or get into the college we want. We all have points where we can’t improve anymore but with practice and determination we can always seem to move our boundaries little by little. We are naturally improving and by constantly increasing what you’ve done in the past there is no way that you can’t go up from your current position. It can only go up if you put your heart in everything you do and that is the key secret to success and it’s not a secret anymore. : P

-Allan Nicholas

Monday, August 30, 2010

Allan's Answers Podcast # 9

This episode I answer the Yahoo Philosophical questions that ask things like what makes you feel good about being alive, why do we seek approval, ;how can events transform one's life, and what's the difference between fact and truth. I hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to tomorrow's!

Allan's Answers Podcast # 8

This episode I answer the Yahoo Philosophical questions that ask things like what makes you feel good about being alive, why do we seek approval, ;how can events transform one's life, and what's the difference between fact and truth. I hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to tomorrow's!

Allan's Answers Podcast # 7

This episode I talk about knowledge, selfishness, compare motivation and inspiration, as well as talk about meaningful existences without work. I hope you enjoy!

Phun-size Philosophy # 8 – Imagination

Imagination is the process of dreaming of the far reaches and to the point that things that you imagine don’t appear to have any relation or possibility for becoming real. From Princeton’s WordNet, they define imagination as “the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses.” The thing with imaginations is that they add meaning to life because imagining things is a form of escapism that keeps us striving for those moments that let us get out of the supposed dull drums of life. I personally love imagination because it spurs innovation and creativity because it makes you think about potentially abstract subjects and it gives you a new perspective on life that you wouldn’t have otherwise. One of the main things about imagination is that it keeps us out of reality and sometimes augments it as well. This is because we are preoccupied with our consciousness being direction in new directions that is directed towards the here and now. The thing is that we have to be grounded in reality at least some of the time or else we wouldn’t be able to improve our collective beings. We need to apply our imaginations to the real world in order to achieve the most favorable outcome. Everyone needs a healthy balance of both imagining and living in the present in order to successfully live life to the fullest and be the best person you can. Check out more at!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 7 – Showing Off

Showing off is basically the process of displaying all that you’ve got in one attempt in order to garner maximum attention and recognition for your abilities. It can usually be spotted when someone is trying really hard at an unnecessary time. The times when people usually apply themselves the most occurs in crunch time because it is when you need to get everything you have done in a very short time period due to deadlines. It is usually more devastating if you mess up during a crucial moment than when trying to show off but it can be more embarrassing. The main reason you try to show off in the first place is to impress someone who’s observing your actions. Showing off is supposed to showcase your talents in a way that the desired party can appreciate them and in return you get special attention from them. If you are trying to show off to your crush you want to be successful in something that interests them. If you are trying to show off to your boss, you want to be the most productive employee they have in order to reap rewards of possible promotions. Showing off occurs when your environment changes because if you weren’t showing off before some change in your surrounding motivated you to try harder. Perhaps someone’s presence has put pressure or pushed you to want to step up your game. There is a flip side though when you try too hard and sometimes it is easily noticeable that you are trying to get notice. If you get found out it usually ruins the whole circumstance because it shows that the situation was staged to amass awareness of what you have. I would advise that regardless you should always try your best and if you do so you will in a sense show off all the time. By pushing the envelope, you will inevitable improve which creates natural progression instead of artificially being set up.

-Allan Nicholas

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 6 – Bindings

Bindings are essentially the the things that keep us bound to something else. When I talk about bindings in this Phun-size Philosophy I am specifically talking about how we are bound to our words. People use bindings in order to ensure that some actions will happen because there needs to be some reassurance that it will. While there are never any 100% gaurentees that something will happen because there is always a possibility something comes up altering the plans, bindings provide some type of relief. It allows people to relax and feel comfortable that it is basically certainty something will occur. Bindings can come in many different forms from contracts to promises. I personally feel like one of the biggest bindings comes from pinky promises but that may just be me. Regardless of the medium, bindings usually place restrictions on your lifestyle based upon what they entail. For instance, if you have a recording contract, you have to abide by the rules and guidelines set up by the recording company that probably says something like you can’t make music for any other labels. Everybody is face with binding agreements inevitably in their lifestyles and there are usually consequences we will face if we don’t follow through with the. If you break a binding agreement it can involve a lot of things. With the recording contract, there are probably legal measures involved when you violate it. If you break a pinky promise, you will probably lose the trust or hurt someone. Bindings are an important part of life but you want to make sure you don’t commit or agree to do things that will overwhelm or not be possible to do. You should always do your best on accomplishing but be honest with yourself when it comes to what you will be able to do. If you realize this you can maximize what you are capable of doing and not break your promises as well.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Allan's Answers Podcast # 6

This episode I talk about mindfulness in everyday life, what's the difference between reality and dreams, finding what you're looking for, and limits of science. Check it out and more at Human Powered Podcasts!

Phun-size Philosophy # 5 – Trust

Trust is essentially the concept of having enough faith in an outside part to put something of yours, physical or not, in the hands of someone else with the risk of losing it. This has some significance because it means that there is a binding relationship that has been developed throughout time and has been ridden with situations that have built up a foundation for reliance on one another. It means that different parties feel like they can knowingly leave something or fall back on to another party without having to worry. They just have a comforting sense that no matter what others will be there for them. They have their back. And there are certain degrees of trust as well. There are some people who you would trust your life with and others you wouldn’t even trust them to take care of your goldfish for the weekend. If you have someone’s trust you are given special privileges and access to parts of them others would be denied. You do in a sense have some power over them because they let their guards down to let you in but they trust you that you won’t take advantage of it. If you exploit it you will lose their trust and the big thing about trust it that it can be hard to gain and easy to lose. You want to be sensitive to others emotions and not play games with their trust. In life it’s better to build positive friendships filled with laughs and good times that come with trust.

-Allan Nicholas

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Allan's Answers Podcast # 5

This episode for August 26, 2010 I talk about making automatic judgments when you meet someone,feeling like you were born in the wrong time and place, and what emotion would you say is the most stressful on the human mind. I hope you find this a thought provoking episode and come back for more! Enjoy!

Phun-size Philosophy # 4 – Pieces of a Whole

In almost every aspect of life there are so many different components that go into making things what they are. You can take this viewpoint in almost any single thing you can think of. I want to focus specifically on human beings. We are all made up of tiny little cells and molecules that make up who we are physically. Like I said before in podcast number 30 “Who Are You,” there are 3 parts of you physical, mental, and spiritual. All these parts are essentially the pieces to your whole self. An individual person is a great example of many components at work but also individuals in a team. In life you need to stress the uniqueness and individuality because setting yourself a part from everyone else in society adds meaning to your life. It is kind of ironic that everyone is the same in that everyone is unique but being unique means that you stand out in some facet of life making you the one and only component like you in life. While individual pieces are great and all the magic really happens when pieces of the puzzle team up to create a complete picture. In a team your combined efforts can do much more than one person on their own. Abilities of one person can mesh with another allowing you to expand your limits more than you could imagine. The thing is that chemistry and teamwork are vital to be a successful unit because some teams can do more damage together and breakdown. It is important to realize that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. You’ve heard the saying you’re only as fast as the slowest one and phrases like that and it’s true. In order to be the most successful everyone needs to work harmoniously and improve all together. Improving teamwork is key to a well oiled machine. Check out more at

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Allan's Answers Podcast # 4

This episode I discuss why does war happen, what does it take to be happy, and stereotypes. I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast and come back for more great philosophical content tomorrow!

Phun-size Philosophy #3 – Randomness

Randomness is essentially anything that is lacking any definite plan or order or purpose. It is basically transfers from one subject or situation to the next without any relation or correlation to what happened in the immediate past. At first glance it can be tough to comprehend whatever is random because it comes out of left field and you are basically blindsided by something that never crossed your mind before. It basically comes from nowhere and there is seemingly no direction or reasoning behind why the certain topic was brought up. Think of it in a conversation and you have a sort of flow to it where you move from topic to topic in some sort of fashion. It’s like a trail where you can look back on and seem the different connections between them and how you got from one point to the next. Random things completely mess this up. What I always wonder is if things can be truly random. There is usually always some thought process behind all random things that are brought up. What I wonder is if there is some subtle relation between what you hear and what your mind thinks that gets your brain jogged to just think up something random. You may not even notice that your mind just jumps from one thought to the next and why it does that and I think that is where randomness is spawned from. Check out the rest of these and more at!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy #2 – Consistency

Since I want to be consistent with this goal I thought a good topic to start with would be consistency. Google defines it as a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts. As time progresses things are bound to change but consistency basically entails that you stick as closely to the original path as possible. Consistency can be a great thing when you constantly output great successes but if you consistently perform badly or don’t reach your mark you will want to change. The thing is that it isn’t good enough to just perform or accomplish something great once or twice because unless it is monumental like George Washington leading the Revolution, time will eventually forget you. Case and point; one hit wonder bands who have one great song but fade into oblivion as time moves on without them. You want to leave a lasting legacy with a great track record. You may need to change in order to keep up with the times but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your exertion and not give every task you approach with 110% percent effort. If you can consistently try your best that will truly lead you to constant success.

-Allan Nicholas

Allan's Answers # 3

This is the first of the daily episodes I will hopefully be doing. Forgive me if it doesn't make much sense but I decided to wait until like 1 in the morning to do it. Anyways I talk about what's better, creativity or intelligence, right vs. wrong, and the negatives of civilization. I hope you enjoy and look forward for tomorrow!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Philosophy is Phun Podcast # 32 - Phases of Life

Sorry for the long hiatus guys but I've been busy preparing for my new phase of life coming up soonish and have also been busy with the Human Powered Podcasts Network which got it's first official affiliated show with Nitin Raghu's Tech Talks so you should definitely check that out. This episode Tommy and I talk about the different times of our lives that we need to move on and adapt to in order to be successful in life. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Philosophy on Facebook # 49 – Opportunities

This note I am currently writing is coming to fruition after soccer tryouts so hopefully this post will make some sense but bear with me if it turns out to be a stream of consciousness. Anyways, after realizing everything that is available to students as we grow older I felt like it was important to recognize everything that we are giving the opportunities to do. Google will reveal that opportunity is essentially defined as something being a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances. The word circumstance is so key when speaking about opportunities because if they are optimal then they can make anything possible. The main problem with making things happen is setting up the optimal situation for which they can happen.

I have this one belief that everyone put in their positions is there because they are the best for that certain spot in life. I believe that there will always be people who we love to hate and will not get along with society very much but I believe that if anyone else were to be in their positions they would be much worse and more of a danger to society than they already are. For instance, there will always be people like Paris Hilton’s or other people who are thought to be menaces to society but I feel like if anyone were to take their spots they would be even greater menaces. I think everybody is the best at being themselves and if anyone would try to take their spots it would just turn out so much worse. You are the best at being you and you should keep it that way and not try to act like others. If you do so the opportunities available to oneself increase dramatically. The reason I wanted to explain this belief is because I feel like we always say stuff like “Oh what I could do if I were in their shoes.” While it might be pretty great to be in Bill Gates shoes having almost unlimited amounts of money available to you, I feel like Bill Gates is the best person to be in his situation and deal with the many opportunities he has made for himself rather than somebody else. I think it would be really awesome to have all the money I could ever need but I feel like it is more important to live your own life rather than fantasize about someone else’s making it easier to open opportunities.

Opening up opportunities is a huge part about becoming a better person and improving your current life. The more opportunities you have, the more chances you have to succeed in them thus directly relating to the amount of success you will have in the future. I feel like one of the most important parts about opportunities is your environment. As I have wrote about before, (check out the first philosophy note I ever wrote) your environment is such a huge part in almost everything you do in your life, and opportunities are no exception. Your environment basically sets you up for what you are fully able to accomplish. Like the potential note I wrote before, you are basically limited by what your environment allows you to do. You may be the smartest person in the world capable of solving world problems but if you aren’t given the opportunities to do so then all your potential and skill won’t be put to good use mainly because your environment didn’t allow for it to happen. Unfortunately there are so many factors in life that you can’t control especially things that deal with your upbringing and where you are born because these are situations where you don’t have much power or much say in the outcome. Normally fetuses can’t choose if they get rich parents or not. Regardless of what you can’t control, you usually have control over one thing and that’s your response to the situations you go through. You will almost always be able to control how the way you and the world interact by how you choose to deal with all the different events that happen to you. One view point, and in my opinion the best way to deal with life, is the belief that things will always turn out better than they will now and being optimistic about your life. As you probably know if you have read my posts in the past, my view on life is that you must leave the world a better place then when you leave it, or at least lay the framework for better things to happen after you’ve passed on. The best ways to make this happen is to be optimistic and actively search for opportunities that allow for improvement through experience. If you do so you will naturally and gradually set up situations for this to occur. This means that you must try to take advantage of everything that comes up and you also must go out of your way to try and find something that interests you.

You will always benefit from these attempts and excursions of finding what’s out there. At the very least you will find what isn’t right for you and in a sense, weed out what isn’t good for you. For instance, if you take up a summer internship or check online for a job at the zoo because you are interested in animals, it will benefit you in so many ways. For one it will provide you an opportunity to get up close and personal with your interest areas and expose you to all aspects involved in the particular subject. If you really like animals but hate cleaning up after them, you will at the very least realize that being a zoo keeper isn’t for you or that your love for animals doesn’t transfer into a career. There are so many variables involved in every situation that you can’t say that a specific opportunity will help you in a specific way but you can’t really afford not to try it and find out. The more opportunities you have, the more experience you will accumulate. The more experience you have the more things will become available to you thus basically snowballing into even more and more opportunities. The main purpose of opportunities in my opinion is that they allow you to find the perfect way to live your life. No one can tell you the right or wrong way but you need as much exposure and variety as you can get to make choices that fit perfectly in your lifestyle and interests.

I think an important time that is closely related to opportunities is college. Now that most of us, if we haven’t already, are approaching a time where so many more opportunities are going to pop up for us. College completely transforms your environment and gives people the chance to discover more about themselves than ever before. In the process we will be undergoing so much change and so many new things that it will seem like you are a totally new person than ever before. The important way to look at this is how it will affect your life. There is always a chance that things can turn out good or bad. To ensure that they will be the best as possible you need to make the most out of what you have. If you give it 100% whenever you apply yourself in activities it will only benefit you. People will take notice to your efforts. The more that you apply yourself, the more opportunities you will be given the opportunity to participate in. If you make the best of what you are given then the more doors that will be open for you which in turn will open even more. The more opportunities you are presented with the more opportunities you will be able to participate in the future. It is essentially a cycle where you will be introduced to more and more. Like I said before, some may be good and some may be bad but it is much worse to regret what you never did. As time passes, you will see more and more but you can’t go back. You need to take advantage of as much as you can while you can in the here and now. Missed opportunities could hold a world of success in store for your future but you will never know until you take them. It is important to live in the present and realize here and now what you can do and doing so will only help you in the future.

-Allan Nicholas

Philosophy on Facebook # 48 – What’s Missing

I got the inspiration for this note (see my last post about inspiration for more info about that) after driving back from Kent Island with Daniel Shi and we were talking about a whole bunch of things, some including philosophy but I will get into that a bit later. I want to start this post off with a quote we have all heard before, the one that goes like, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” I want to look at the opposite end of the spectrum and discuss how you don’t know what you’re missing until you have it or are at the very least made aware of it. We all have also heard the saying that ignorance is bliss and sometimes that statement holds true but you really don’t know what you are missing until you know it exists. One step above that is knowing how what you’re missing plays a role in your life and that can only be achieved when you have it.

Missing things usually has a direct correlation to emotions. If you are missing something you usually will feel like there is a void in your heart. This feeling means that you have a sense that something should be in your life that isn’t. Unfortunately when this happens you usually don’t know what it is and how you would go about filling that gap in your heart. This feeling is usually always negative because the lack of knowing how to make things feel normal or better makes you uneasy. You don’t feel secure or feel like everything is in its right place. This is where the saying ignorance is bliss falls apart. People will search far and wide in order to quench those feelings of void. The best way to achieve this knowledge of what you’re missing is to be exposed to as much as you can. Exposures widen your perspective and help you realize and get acquainted to new things you wouldn’t have beforehand. If you don’t know what’s missing it is either because you have forgotten about it or never experienced something like it before. If you have an unrealized love of painting, you may not ever know it is what could make you feel peaceful if you never go out and take an art class or some other means of experiencing it.

Knowing what it is that you are missing is a completely different thing that actually attaining it. It may give you an even worse feeling knowing you can’t have what you are missing compared to not having any idea. If something is just out of your reach, not being able to have it can drive some people crazy. This is where I want to delve into the difference between your wants and your needs. Usually everything you are missing is something that you want, not need. This is because if you don’t have everything you need you probably won’t be able to survive. If you are missing the sustenance in the food you eat, you will starve and so on with your other needs. For this reason, almost everything you are missing is something you want. Not having it won’t physically kill you, but can kill you emotionally and can cause people to become depressed and won’t help you live a healthy and successful lifestyle if you are always searching for something and not being able to find it or have it.

This post relates pretty closely to the Have You Ever Wondered post I did about What If’s because it involves a lot of speculation about how things could be. The thing that you should realize is the fact that there are so many opportunities (which is the topic of my next post by the way) out there that we miss each and every day just because we can’t physically do them all. This is mainly caused by the constraints that we all face and need to consider whenever we take action on any subject. Some typical constraints include things like time and resources like money that we can’t simply afford to do whatever we want all the time or is isn’t even possible to do them. For instance, you probably can’t just go out and get on a plane to Antarctica right this second. First, you would need to get approval from your parents (if you still live with them that is). You would also need to take into consideration all your previous commitments and adjust them accordingly to the time you will be using up when traveling. You also need to have the money to buy a ticket and a means to get there. It will also require preparation in the freezing environment you will encounter when you go down there. There are probably so many other factors that need to be discussed and gone over before you take the trip. Things like spontaneity provide excitement but they need to be worked out before they can become enjoyable or even a reality. Achieving what is missing in your life can be harder than it seems.

Now I want to get into what Daniel and I were talking about on the car ride home a couple days ago. I forget how it came up but I remember we were talking about the Many Worlds Theory. This theory basically states that for every possibly deviation from our reality there is an alternate reality that is exactly the same as ours but with that one unique difference. For instance, if you decided to go make a sandwich instead of going out to eat, there would be two different worlds for each option as well as worlds for the many other possible options. This discussion then got us thinking about how the world advances and what is available to us because of what has happened in the past. We went on to talk about what else would have been possible and is currently missing because things in the past didn’t turn out the right way for it to happen. This sort of goes into my next post about opportunities but it is basically crazy thinking about how different things would be if something else happened. For instance, there is a subculture craze out there called steam punk which basically creates objects and technology that are based upon steam tech rather than electricity based. It is like an alternate reality on how life would be if electricity never took off and we were stuck in the industrial revolution with steam technology. It gets me personally wondering if we could have had things like teleportation or other science fiction technology if things in the past would have happened differently. I’m definitely not saying I would go into the past to change it (as I’ve wrote about in past notes) but it is still cool to think about. I actually just got done reading an article in the latest Wired magazine (which is awesome by the way) with Will Ferrell about technology that we should have but don’t yet and it goes into specifics about why we don’t have those things like jetpacks or invisibility. Some reasons are because it isn’t physically possible for them to happen but they mostly have been restricted from existing because advances in technology haven’t made it possible. What if some discovery would have happened that made it possible for you to teleport or fly to far distant planets? The world may never know but I feel like those are definitely missing in our society and hopefully will become a reality in our lifetime.

So where is a good place to end this post? I think a good way would be to talk about how it isn’t always good to view at what you are missing. We are always told that we shouldn’t be greedy and continuously want things that we don’t necessarily need. This is a good point to make because a huge part of living life to the fullest is by making the best of what you have. The popular Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” illustrates an important point about not always being able to achieve or gain access to things that you may be missing so it is important to always cherish what you do have. If you are reading this then you already have been given an amazing opportunity that not everyone else has been as fortunate to have. If you keep wanting more and more you don’t show that you are grateful and appreciative of what you do have. If you always want more or find that you are constantly missing something then you are susceptible to regrets. Looking back on your life, you may find yourself regretting that things didn’t necessarily happen the way you wanted or wished them to. On the flip side however, it is important to try and be imaginative in order to take the next steps in your life. If you think about it, realizing that you are missing something is the very first step in striving for improvement in your life. My theory on life is that you need to seek out ways to improve yourself as well as the world and by trying to fill the voids in your life or life in general, you are helping to make this a reality. Missing something in your life means that you can take steps in order to make them a reality. The important part of this is that you can’t wait for the change in your life. You need to actively seek out and make them happen. If you try hard enough, you can fill any void in your life and in the end, you won’t be missing anything to live a successful and happy life.

-Allan Nicholas

Philosophy on Facebook #47 – Inspiration

Hope you guys enjoyed the last couple posts and podcasts and sorry for the little hiatus. As things at NASA started to wind down other things come up and I don’t have much free time anymore but I will continue to do my best. One of the biggest things that influenced me to start doing podcasts and posts came from inspirations. Inspirations are basically things that trigger new perspectives and motivations to do things that you normally wouldn’t have thought of without help. It can come from things related to your inspirational idea or just come from random words others say. It is amazing how words can be interpreted and construed and give people ideas and thoughts in completely unrelated subjects. An example could be when people in TV shows are getting lectured and certain words they hear just turn on a light bulb and give someone an epiphany.

Epiphanies are one form of inspiration that come out of nowhere. They are the most basic form of inspiration because they usually don’t relate to any underlying means or past knowledge. Most other forms come with thoughts and some background knowledge that get combined with some idea of new thought that forms an inspiration. One thing that is associated with getting an inspiration is a sudden splurge of new ideas that you have never experienced before. Inspiration is usually accompanied by new thought processes and ways of thinking which eventually lead to new actions or understandings of how the world works and. You usually are presented with a unique angle to view things from which then sends your brain down a whole new path to discovery eventually evolving into actions.

The thing with inspirations is that they are usually viewed as being the firsts of something. They may not necessarily be the first ever, but because you’ve been presented with a whole new perspective, at the very least this inspiration will be new to you. New ideas will lead to new actions. A big part about having inspiration is following through with them. Having innovative ideas and all is great but is nothing unless it’s been acted on. Just like with having to actually strive to achieve your dreams, you also need to actively carry out what your inspiration has opened your eyes to. Now you may not always be able to do things personally yourself, but you need to get others involved as well in order to maximize your chances of accomplishing what you have become inspired to do. While you may have an inspiration and unique idea on how to end world hunger or poverty, you will be way more effective if you can gather others who share common goals and are inspired to do the same things you are. This is a huge part of doing things first. You essentially become a trailblazer in your attempts to act on your inspiration, your vision is genuine, and has a worthy goal will naturally bring followers but needs to be portrayed with confidence. Confidence shows that you believe in what you are trying to achieve and won’t stop for anything until it becomes achieved. This confidence becomes contagious and then INSPIRES others to want to partake in your efforts. The confidence provides a sense of security and will make people more willing to take risks and give it their all without be weary of the potential repercussions.

One of the biggest and most important parts of inspiration is that it gives ideas and motivation. Inspiration is a great source for achievement and accomplishments and basically means you derive some characteristic from somewhere else that was never realized before. It can come from anywhere like dreaming or walking in the street. All you need to see is the potential from an idea and you can expand upon it creating something amazing. The thing is that they are usually all from external forces. It can come from within like discovery but it was brought about by living and furthering your experiences in the world. The big part is that it widens your perspective and allows you to see things differently allowing for different approaches. Through that you have a better likelihood of succeeding whatever you want to do because a wider perspective leaves more options and ways to get around the obstacles we will all inevitably face in everyday life.

Another thing about inspirations is that they leave a lasting impression. It is something that speaks and touches you in a deep level allowing you to relate and explore even deeper thoughts. Inspirations wouldn’t be anything if they didn’t mean anything to you personally. The thing is that inspirations are very hard to create artificially. You usually can’t just have an inspiration whenever you want to no matter hard you try. You have to let them happen naturally to be the most effective. You can however create an effective environment to help coax them to occurrence. Some of the times you have the best ideas and inspirations, they come from creative thinking in solitude in the shower or from conversations you have with good friends. Just keep an open mind and it will eventually come to you… just let it happen. Lol

Like I said with how inspiration usually comes from an external force or factor, it is important to recognize what has helped you come up with the innovative and awesome idea. I’ve gotta admit that if it weren’t for Victor Dimaria writing down his thoughts and views on life, I probably wouldn’t be that inspired to do any of these philosophy podcasts or blog posts. So thanks man for inspiring me to do this! It doesn’t have to be just ideas or thoughts that can inspire you to do great things and it doesn’t necessarily take inspiration to achieve your dreams but it can really help. The ideas aren’t the only mediums for which inspiration can come from but people can also be motivators and huge inspirations. People who we idolize are huge motivators and usually inspire the latest trends. Their actions will inspire us to, in a since, follow in their footsteps or give us the courage to follow our own dreams. With NASA, the first astronauts stepping on the moon were huge inspirations to a generation of kids wanting to be astronauts when they grow older. Everybody has people who they look up to and these role models are what we try to model our own lives off of. I’m not saying you should aspire to be exactly like someone else. You should do you own thing but looking up to others helps give you the courage and strength to take things into your own hands. That’s what inspiration is, giving you the power and motivation to live your own life to the fullest.

-Allan Nicholas