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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 6 – Bindings

Bindings are essentially the the things that keep us bound to something else. When I talk about bindings in this Phun-size Philosophy I am specifically talking about how we are bound to our words. People use bindings in order to ensure that some actions will happen because there needs to be some reassurance that it will. While there are never any 100% gaurentees that something will happen because there is always a possibility something comes up altering the plans, bindings provide some type of relief. It allows people to relax and feel comfortable that it is basically certainty something will occur. Bindings can come in many different forms from contracts to promises. I personally feel like one of the biggest bindings comes from pinky promises but that may just be me. Regardless of the medium, bindings usually place restrictions on your lifestyle based upon what they entail. For instance, if you have a recording contract, you have to abide by the rules and guidelines set up by the recording company that probably says something like you can’t make music for any other labels. Everybody is face with binding agreements inevitably in their lifestyles and there are usually consequences we will face if we don’t follow through with the. If you break a binding agreement it can involve a lot of things. With the recording contract, there are probably legal measures involved when you violate it. If you break a pinky promise, you will probably lose the trust or hurt someone. Bindings are an important part of life but you want to make sure you don’t commit or agree to do things that will overwhelm or not be possible to do. You should always do your best on accomplishing but be honest with yourself when it comes to what you will be able to do. If you realize this you can maximize what you are capable of doing and not break your promises as well.

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