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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 7 – Showing Off

Showing off is basically the process of displaying all that you’ve got in one attempt in order to garner maximum attention and recognition for your abilities. It can usually be spotted when someone is trying really hard at an unnecessary time. The times when people usually apply themselves the most occurs in crunch time because it is when you need to get everything you have done in a very short time period due to deadlines. It is usually more devastating if you mess up during a crucial moment than when trying to show off but it can be more embarrassing. The main reason you try to show off in the first place is to impress someone who’s observing your actions. Showing off is supposed to showcase your talents in a way that the desired party can appreciate them and in return you get special attention from them. If you are trying to show off to your crush you want to be successful in something that interests them. If you are trying to show off to your boss, you want to be the most productive employee they have in order to reap rewards of possible promotions. Showing off occurs when your environment changes because if you weren’t showing off before some change in your surrounding motivated you to try harder. Perhaps someone’s presence has put pressure or pushed you to want to step up your game. There is a flip side though when you try too hard and sometimes it is easily noticeable that you are trying to get notice. If you get found out it usually ruins the whole circumstance because it shows that the situation was staged to amass awareness of what you have. I would advise that regardless you should always try your best and if you do so you will in a sense show off all the time. By pushing the envelope, you will inevitable improve which creates natural progression instead of artificially being set up.

-Allan Nicholas

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