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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 10 – Friends

Friends are the important people in your life who you hold in some of the highest regards. They are the people who you wish to share your life with and most of the times are the good times. It may seem like I’m describing love but friends can relate closely to the intimate love that spouses have but is in another direction. There are some similarities but it doesn’t necessarily have to deal with sexuality. It is special relationships you form with people who you have some special chemistry with. It may be your interests, personality or some other factor that makes you and another person connect on a friendly level. It is important to define exactly what a friend is because things like Facebook has included friends as being the people you don’t even say hi to in the hallways. Real friends are the people who you form a strong allegiance with and you mostly treat them with some sort of affection. It can be a type of love that is solely based on wanting to share fun experiences with. You trust them and because of that your friends get special privileges over your life and vice versa but it is a necessary part of building a great relationship. You will do almost anything for them and you have their back in almost any given situation. You will go to almost any lengths to make your best friends happy. You treat them differently like you can be harsher on them than a random stranger because of your past with them. That past a developed a comfort zone with your friends and allows you to stretch the acceptability for your actions directed towards them. They may annoy you but through thick and thin you stick with them. It is those very important relationships that help make life meaningful. Those memories formed and the emotions that are made from the day to day events you spend together help make life are full and complete one.

-Allan Nicholas

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