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Monday, August 16, 2010

Philosophy on Facebook #47 – Inspiration

Hope you guys enjoyed the last couple posts and podcasts and sorry for the little hiatus. As things at NASA started to wind down other things come up and I don’t have much free time anymore but I will continue to do my best. One of the biggest things that influenced me to start doing podcasts and posts came from inspirations. Inspirations are basically things that trigger new perspectives and motivations to do things that you normally wouldn’t have thought of without help. It can come from things related to your inspirational idea or just come from random words others say. It is amazing how words can be interpreted and construed and give people ideas and thoughts in completely unrelated subjects. An example could be when people in TV shows are getting lectured and certain words they hear just turn on a light bulb and give someone an epiphany.

Epiphanies are one form of inspiration that come out of nowhere. They are the most basic form of inspiration because they usually don’t relate to any underlying means or past knowledge. Most other forms come with thoughts and some background knowledge that get combined with some idea of new thought that forms an inspiration. One thing that is associated with getting an inspiration is a sudden splurge of new ideas that you have never experienced before. Inspiration is usually accompanied by new thought processes and ways of thinking which eventually lead to new actions or understandings of how the world works and. You usually are presented with a unique angle to view things from which then sends your brain down a whole new path to discovery eventually evolving into actions.

The thing with inspirations is that they are usually viewed as being the firsts of something. They may not necessarily be the first ever, but because you’ve been presented with a whole new perspective, at the very least this inspiration will be new to you. New ideas will lead to new actions. A big part about having inspiration is following through with them. Having innovative ideas and all is great but is nothing unless it’s been acted on. Just like with having to actually strive to achieve your dreams, you also need to actively carry out what your inspiration has opened your eyes to. Now you may not always be able to do things personally yourself, but you need to get others involved as well in order to maximize your chances of accomplishing what you have become inspired to do. While you may have an inspiration and unique idea on how to end world hunger or poverty, you will be way more effective if you can gather others who share common goals and are inspired to do the same things you are. This is a huge part of doing things first. You essentially become a trailblazer in your attempts to act on your inspiration, your vision is genuine, and has a worthy goal will naturally bring followers but needs to be portrayed with confidence. Confidence shows that you believe in what you are trying to achieve and won’t stop for anything until it becomes achieved. This confidence becomes contagious and then INSPIRES others to want to partake in your efforts. The confidence provides a sense of security and will make people more willing to take risks and give it their all without be weary of the potential repercussions.

One of the biggest and most important parts of inspiration is that it gives ideas and motivation. Inspiration is a great source for achievement and accomplishments and basically means you derive some characteristic from somewhere else that was never realized before. It can come from anywhere like dreaming or walking in the street. All you need to see is the potential from an idea and you can expand upon it creating something amazing. The thing is that they are usually all from external forces. It can come from within like discovery but it was brought about by living and furthering your experiences in the world. The big part is that it widens your perspective and allows you to see things differently allowing for different approaches. Through that you have a better likelihood of succeeding whatever you want to do because a wider perspective leaves more options and ways to get around the obstacles we will all inevitably face in everyday life.

Another thing about inspirations is that they leave a lasting impression. It is something that speaks and touches you in a deep level allowing you to relate and explore even deeper thoughts. Inspirations wouldn’t be anything if they didn’t mean anything to you personally. The thing is that inspirations are very hard to create artificially. You usually can’t just have an inspiration whenever you want to no matter hard you try. You have to let them happen naturally to be the most effective. You can however create an effective environment to help coax them to occurrence. Some of the times you have the best ideas and inspirations, they come from creative thinking in solitude in the shower or from conversations you have with good friends. Just keep an open mind and it will eventually come to you… just let it happen. Lol

Like I said with how inspiration usually comes from an external force or factor, it is important to recognize what has helped you come up with the innovative and awesome idea. I’ve gotta admit that if it weren’t for Victor Dimaria writing down his thoughts and views on life, I probably wouldn’t be that inspired to do any of these philosophy podcasts or blog posts. So thanks man for inspiring me to do this! It doesn’t have to be just ideas or thoughts that can inspire you to do great things and it doesn’t necessarily take inspiration to achieve your dreams but it can really help. The ideas aren’t the only mediums for which inspiration can come from but people can also be motivators and huge inspirations. People who we idolize are huge motivators and usually inspire the latest trends. Their actions will inspire us to, in a since, follow in their footsteps or give us the courage to follow our own dreams. With NASA, the first astronauts stepping on the moon were huge inspirations to a generation of kids wanting to be astronauts when they grow older. Everybody has people who they look up to and these role models are what we try to model our own lives off of. I’m not saying you should aspire to be exactly like someone else. You should do you own thing but looking up to others helps give you the courage and strength to take things into your own hands. That’s what inspiration is, giving you the power and motivation to live your own life to the fullest.

-Allan Nicholas

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