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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy #3 – Randomness

Randomness is essentially anything that is lacking any definite plan or order or purpose. It is basically transfers from one subject or situation to the next without any relation or correlation to what happened in the immediate past. At first glance it can be tough to comprehend whatever is random because it comes out of left field and you are basically blindsided by something that never crossed your mind before. It basically comes from nowhere and there is seemingly no direction or reasoning behind why the certain topic was brought up. Think of it in a conversation and you have a sort of flow to it where you move from topic to topic in some sort of fashion. It’s like a trail where you can look back on and seem the different connections between them and how you got from one point to the next. Random things completely mess this up. What I always wonder is if things can be truly random. There is usually always some thought process behind all random things that are brought up. What I wonder is if there is some subtle relation between what you hear and what your mind thinks that gets your brain jogged to just think up something random. You may not even notice that your mind just jumps from one thought to the next and why it does that and I think that is where randomness is spawned from. Check out the rest of these and more at!

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