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Friday, August 27, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 5 – Trust

Trust is essentially the concept of having enough faith in an outside part to put something of yours, physical or not, in the hands of someone else with the risk of losing it. This has some significance because it means that there is a binding relationship that has been developed throughout time and has been ridden with situations that have built up a foundation for reliance on one another. It means that different parties feel like they can knowingly leave something or fall back on to another party without having to worry. They just have a comforting sense that no matter what others will be there for them. They have their back. And there are certain degrees of trust as well. There are some people who you would trust your life with and others you wouldn’t even trust them to take care of your goldfish for the weekend. If you have someone’s trust you are given special privileges and access to parts of them others would be denied. You do in a sense have some power over them because they let their guards down to let you in but they trust you that you won’t take advantage of it. If you exploit it you will lose their trust and the big thing about trust it that it can be hard to gain and easy to lose. You want to be sensitive to others emotions and not play games with their trust. In life it’s better to build positive friendships filled with laughs and good times that come with trust.

-Allan Nicholas

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