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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 4 – Pieces of a Whole

In almost every aspect of life there are so many different components that go into making things what they are. You can take this viewpoint in almost any single thing you can think of. I want to focus specifically on human beings. We are all made up of tiny little cells and molecules that make up who we are physically. Like I said before in podcast number 30 “Who Are You,” there are 3 parts of you physical, mental, and spiritual. All these parts are essentially the pieces to your whole self. An individual person is a great example of many components at work but also individuals in a team. In life you need to stress the uniqueness and individuality because setting yourself a part from everyone else in society adds meaning to your life. It is kind of ironic that everyone is the same in that everyone is unique but being unique means that you stand out in some facet of life making you the one and only component like you in life. While individual pieces are great and all the magic really happens when pieces of the puzzle team up to create a complete picture. In a team your combined efforts can do much more than one person on their own. Abilities of one person can mesh with another allowing you to expand your limits more than you could imagine. The thing is that chemistry and teamwork are vital to be a successful unit because some teams can do more damage together and breakdown. It is important to realize that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. You’ve heard the saying you’re only as fast as the slowest one and phrases like that and it’s true. In order to be the most successful everyone needs to work harmoniously and improve all together. Improving teamwork is key to a well oiled machine. Check out more at

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