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Monday, September 27, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 35 – Tailoring

When I say tailoring you may think of getting your suit tailored to fit you specifically. When I am talking about tailoring I am referring to a more philosophical definition like making adjustments to meet a specific need or market. Tailoring means you modify different objects or events in order to suit their individual needs. You would do this in the first place because not all things work for the general public so you need to make adjustments specifically to those involved. For instance, not everyone likes reading so you need to tailor to their interests by making it an action or a romance novel based upon the individual in question’s persona. When I think of tailoring I think of creating a custom experience from an individual basis. Everyone is unique so what one person may want in their life will probably have some variations and discrepancies when compared to the next guy. This tailoring is basically formed by match ups that develop off of interests and likes. You normally want to be tailored to something that you can relate to or want to be around like what will provide you with positive emotions like happiness. These matchups are all based on chemistry and relationships. How well things can get along, work together, compliment each other, etc will all play roles in how well an event or object is tailored to a person’s specific wants or needs. There are also certain types or character traits that can mesh well together. There are people who get paid to go help people find their perfect matches and who utilize knowledge on how well an individual’s personality with mesh with their potential soul mate. In fact, meshing is a huge part of determining how successful a tailoring will be. If things go well with each other they will most likely have a happy and memorable future together. Check out more at!

-Allan Nicholas

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