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Monday, September 27, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 34 – Deadlines

Deadlines as defined by Google are the points in time at which something must be completed. They act as the restrictions that directly deal with the aspect of time. They limit what is capable of getting done by making time be the limiting factor. The less time you have to do something the less you can work to try and perfect it and make it better. They create a breaking point and try to force progression by setting a point in time when you have to have something accomplished by. It can be seen as a goal that is set in order to build upon in the future because if you take a lot of time to get one thing done then you won’t be able to do anything else or as much in the future with the remaining time left. The only catch is that it will only be work if the person who is being given a deadline is motivated to complete the task or are fearful of the consequences of not doing it. Those individuals involved must truly want to get something done or are too afraid to not meet the deadline in order to meet the deadline with intended results. When talking about deadlines you need to take into consideration what will happen if you don’t reach the due date like are there punishments associated with it. It is also important to recognize that those punishments get amplified dependent on the importance of the task that has a deadline. A common status that occurs to particularly lazy participants is procrastination. Procrastination is the state of mind comprised of laziness and a lack of motivation. Procrastination is actually a very bad quality to have because it is a hindrance to the advancement of society. If you possess such a trait like procrastination then you will inevitably face a crunch time when up against the clock. In desperate high pressure situations, keeping your composure is an important part and shouldn’t be influenced by the building stress from the looming due date. To prevent this, planning is the key to success. Figuring out a time line to utilize a planned course of action can effectively use your time to accomplish the desired outcome before the deadline. So when you’ve got a big project due next month, plan it out before it comes to the night before the deadline so you won’t have a breakdown from the stress.

-Allan Nicholas

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