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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phun-Size Philosophy # 33 - Favors

Favors are basically when you ask for help by members that you usually know to accomplish something necessary to your progression that you probably wouldn’t be capable of doing all alone. When asking for a favor you usually are requesting assistance that usually comes with a price. When you ask for a favor you will most likely become indebted and must return another favor when they are in need and other abide by other basic underlying rules as well. During the period right before you ask for a favor there is usually a time when you and the other parties involved barter and negotiate an agreement from which all of you can create a win win situation. For instance, somebody probably won't be willing to write your paper for you unless they get something in return like you walk their dogs for them. The thing also with favors is that they don't always involve paying another person monetarily for their services but it might require you spotting someone for some Qdoba one day. When it comes to favors there are usually conditions that apply in deals between friends and family. If people have a willingness to help you that means that those helping you will probably receive something out of the deal. They may not need to have a material reward or service in return for their helpful actions but it is also helpful and great to give compensation for those who have assisted you in improving your lifestyle. Whether it is a present or just a thanks, it can't hurt to repay the favor. Sometimes when you have made an agreement to have a favor done for you, there may be terms set by your assistance because receiving help becomes an integral part of success for society and individuals alike. When it comes to deciding terms and conditions that come accompanied by a favor, you need to consider the situation from which these favors are derived from. When your environment and surroundings start to create pressure and a sense of desperation, the willingness to accept and receive help goes up significantly. We've all heard the saying desperate times call for desperate measures and the more you need the help the more you will be willing to accept terms to a favor that you wouldn’t have normally. Favors are formed from the basis of friendships and trust because you would normally only ask friends and family for favors. You also need to pay back your dues because while it isn't a legal binding agreement, it does have the potential to ruin trust and friendship if a certain outcome occurs especially if you refuse to return the kindness and helpfulness others have afforded you. Favors are vital to life and improvement because they stress ideals of cooperation and working together to better the lives of others and benefit the well being of others.

-Allan Nicholas

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