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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 58 – Traps

Traps can be considered the situations used to capture and contain an object whether physically in the same location or abstract like in a verbal conversation you can get trapped in a hole and backed into a corner. The point of traps is that they usually put you in a compromising situation. If you get caught you will be perceived as committing a despicable act that you normally wouldn’t have been thought capable or possible by you. There are many ways in which these situations can occur and I believe one of the most popular form of traps is usually brought about by a vested interested that you posses getting turn on you. For instance, something that you care about and think highly of can leave you vulnerable and able to be taken advantage of. In superhero movies, the villain always lays a trap for the hero by kidnapping a loved one of the hero and making them come to a location usually to be ambushed. Being caught in a trap can also be caused by carelessness and being unaware meaning that it is possible you will be caught off guard. Two of the most common reasons you can be trapped is because of your emotions or aloofness and not being consciously attentive of your environment. Now that we know the main causes of getting caught in a trap it is important to recognize the different forms of traps. Two of the main types that I can think of off the top of my head are guilt traps and bait traps. Because there are different types of traps they also vary in effectiveness. This effectiveness is primarily determined by the situation it is implemented in. If you yourself are trying to establish a trap you need to take into consideration the probability in which a character will fall prey to the trap you intend to create. If you are the one who fell victim to a planned trap, it will probably become quite difficult for you to get out of it. Another important factor of a trap is the ability to leave a lasting impression on the one who got caught. If you are trying to lay a good trap you need it to leave a mark or scar on the individual in order to make an impression. I am in no way endorsing you should trap someone or become the next Jigsaw the in the movie Saw 16. I personally believe that the best policy when it comes to traps is practicing avoidance. There are usually two ways in which you can deal with a trap and that is either to try to escape/avoid it or face it head one. Before you make this decision you want to be as aware as possible of your surroundings in order to avoid a trap. There may be signs that can give away the surprise of a trap or just through instinctual behavior you may realize its presence. It is always better to try to avoid a trap then have to find out ways to get out of it. Check out more at!

-Allan Nicholas

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