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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 50 – Rage and Anger

Rage and anger are the emotions that you associate with actions that negatively impact you or hit a particular section in your being where aggressiveness and other violent characteristics are derived from. The way you can tell when someone is feeling angry is by observing their behavior. Anger can be exhibited in a variety of actions that are normally considered to be negative or detrimental to their environment around them. One example is through temper tantrums. It is an act in which you can tell someone is furious with their current predicaments. Depending upon the personality and ego of a particular individual, their reactions can be completely different from anyone else. Some may decide that releasing the anger in a venting session (like my past note) is most beneficial to them or it is more important to keep it bottled up inside because their situation isn’t an appropriate environment to display your feelings like in front of your boss. You may react to a negative situation with only violence showing an eye for an eye approach or you can react with sadness and take a submissive stance on the situation as well as choosing a multitude of other options. The important thing to exercise during these moments of intense anger and rage is the ideal of self control. Self control is an important characteristic to master because it is inevitable in life that events will piss you off but knowing how to deal and get along or around obstacles in your path is the key to a successful lifestyle. I want to relate psychology to this because I have learned many interesting facts in my psychology class that relate and attribute to the anger one feels. Your ego that is the main contributing and controlling factor in your personality and has two main influential factors involved. The first one is superego which basically determines your sense of justice and what you believe is right or wrong. The other one is your id and that is basically the primal fury that can feed anger. In life we all have deep down wild and raw emotions that all situations and stimuli can affect. Almost everything you go through in life has the potential to make you feel specific emotions especially rage. Having knowledge and analyzing our perspective allows us to better understand these raw emotions and thus give us the opportunity to control them. In this day and age, most of humanity is civilized. We have come from savages and cavemen and through learning to control our emotions, it has given us the ability to advance our species and eventually lead to societal gains as well. Society then in turn advances the intellectual properties of humans through collaboration and evolution and it all boils down to learning to control the anger and rage as well as the other spectrum of emotions we will feel. So next time your parents piss you off, think about your actions because you wouldn’t want to regret how you react. Check out more at!

-Allan Nicholas

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