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Monday, October 18, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 56 – Decisions

When you need to make a decision, you can basically picture yourself being stuck at a crossroad where you are in a sense forced to pick an option that is currently available to you. In order to make one, it is helpful to have some background information and prior knowledge regarding each option to give you a chance at making a good decision. When discussing decisions, you need to talk about those who are in the position to make them. It is usually the authority figures or those with power who are the ones that have the final decision and overruling say in the decision making process. They are the ones who have the greatest opportunity to make their dreams, desires, and wills come true. The ones who have the final say aren’t the only ones involved in making decisions though and it is important to recognize the other contributing factors. There are plenty of other people who get a say and act as influencers in a given situation. If you don’t have a lot of power it may be more difficult for you to affect the outcome but you can always try to change the perspective or persuade those who do. Not only do people have an impact on decisions but your environment can play a huge part in skewing or distorting ones viewpoint in order to have them think a certain way. If you are the president of some desert country and you need to decide where you will spend your resources, you environment will make issues such as water more imperative than say road construction. Another important question to ask regarding decisions is, “What are the implications and effects of a certain decision?” It is important to look at how the decision you make will impact the lives and future of others involved in the current predicament and how will it lead the path to future. When making a decision it is at the upmost important to think clearly and you should always try to get a big picture perspective because it is the best way to make an all encompassing choice. You must make sure you aren’t too biased or make hasty heat-of-the-moment decisions that will in the long run negatively impact your life down the road. In almost every single event that takes place, the variables involved are most likely going to be too numerous to control all of them. Because of this a particular situation may not seem like there is one seemingly obvious right or wrong choice you can make. There are multiple important factors that you must consider before making a good decision and they include reflecting on the past, looking towards future plans, intuition, instincts, guts, and using your own personal best judgments. If you do apply all of these to your decisions you will no doubt allow for and set the framework for the best decision possible in any given situation you will face. Check out more at!

-Allan Nicholas

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