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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 42 – Is Honesty the Best Policy

Our parents at a young age try to instill values and morals in us that will make us be the most successful individuals and be a productive member of society. We are always told to tell the truth but there are plenty of people in the world who don’t heed those words. People everyday lie and steal to get where they need to go. If you get caught then you will suffer the consequences but there are still plenty of people who get away with their immoral actions (*cough *cough* OJ Simpson *cough*). When trying to determine if honesty is the best policy you need to check how honest you are yourself in life. In all honesty (pun intended : P) we have all told a lie at some point in our life. The reasoning behind each lie and the severity of each one will vary on a case by case basis but all of them bend or mask the truth in some shape or form. There are so many reasons for why someone would lie like because you want to make someone feel better or avoid punishment. In many other situations, lies can save hassle like you lie just because it is much easier to get on with your life than going through the time consuming process of having to explain the situation appropriately. They can also save feelings and help make situations more comfortable for all those involved. We have all heard of white lies used to soothe and consul your friends and family. As much as lies can help they can potentially do more harm and if people find out about it you will lose so much more than anything you could possibly gain by lying. You will lose credibility trust with almost everyone else. Lies are used to mask the truth and it can be imperative at points in life where you need to know the truth in order to have a happy and successful future. It helps keep people safe and by being aware of what’s going on you can plan for the future. If you are completely unaware of what’s going on you can possibly be put into harm that could be completely avoided. We all want the truth but is life easier without it? Ignorance can in fact be blissful because some things are hurtful to hear but living a lie isn’t a good thing either. You need to determine for yourself on a case by case basis whether it is worth it to tell the truth or not. While there may be occasions every once in a while that may be easier to deal with if you lie about them, as a general rule you should always tell the truth. In no way shape or form am I condoning behaviors like lying and stealing. The philosophy of telling the truth is very interesting and thought provoking and motivations behind them are a driving factor in how people interact with each other and how society works.

-Allan Nicholas

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