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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 54 – Reliefs

We all have or will inevitably experience those stressful situations where we feel like we are in a place where things will never get better. Reliefs are those feelings that come when something burdensome is removed or reduced. Those burdensome feelings can come from plenty of environmental factors that occur throughout life. Whether you get a bad grade on a test or something else terrible happened, it may not at the present moment be clear that life will eventually improve. In order to receive some feelings of relief, you must be currently in a tight spot to get better or feel a sense of relief. So many situations can cause you to desire or posses a need for appeasement. Like I said before, almost all reliefs aim at attempting to decrease stress. Every action or event in your life that is considered stimuli will provide some sense of stress (both good and bad) on you but it all matters on how you choose to deal with it. Pressure can put a huge weight on your shoulders and it is a major form of stress on the lives of individuals ranging from preteens to full on seniors. There are many other forms of stress as well but when your environment comes bearing down it is human nature to feel anxiety. The way you act and respond in high pressure situations is a huge part in trying to improve a situation. The collectiveness and calmness that you exhibit and display in your life all relates to the amount of composure you have. The composure you have then directly relates to how well you can deal with stress and when you need to experience some sense of relief. There are multitudes of coping mechanisms and methods from which we can then get on with our lives. This relief usually comes from an external source when you can’t deal with it yourself. Everyone could always use some miracle worker and hope that they will come to the rescue and saves the day but then it allows you to get over what you may not be able to have by yourself. We all need someone to lean on for support and comfort and it is necessary for a successful and happy lifestyle. Check out more at!

-Allan Nicholas

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