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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 44 – Enough

Getting enough means that you have as much as necessary and have an adequate amount that is sufficient for the purpose and task at hand. I personally believe it is for the most part a great place to be because you are completely satisfied with what you currently have. The only exception is that you have had enough of a particular thing for the simple fact that it is annoying you. You would get enough of a behavior, action, etc. in order to prevent future instances of that something happening again. If your little brother is portraying behavior that you would classify as annoying like poking you repeatedly or being loud and obnoxious you would tell them you’ve had enough and to stop. For this purpose though, it is the amount at which you are satisfied with and you personally feel like there is no more that needs to be added or less that needs to be removed. I like to think of it as being just the right amount like with Goldilocks and the 3 bears; it isn’t at the extremes but just the right amount. The only problem is that it is sometimes hard to attain these “perfect” amounts because of the limitations and restrictions life puts on us. There are different bars set by each individual that they use to determine what is satisfactory to them that probably will contrast with the general public. What you want and how much you want of it probably won’t be the same as your next door neighbor. It is important to realize that while your bars have the possibility of being reached, they may not all be realized because of the current predicaments that you are in. There aren’t infinite resources in the world and because of that you can’t always get exactly what you want. This makes it imperative that you are appreciative of what you have and accepting of what you do get. This could be transformed into a good thing however, because if you know you won’t always have more gas to use in the future or other things that you cherish in life, you will start to respect them more and treat/use them appropriately. This can also apply to the belief that too much of a good thing can be bad. You may love eating candy but you will eventually get sick of it and it has the potential to cause cavities. While it may be sad to realize that things eventually wear out, including people, the emotions associated with that become diluted with time. You will soon forget that you don’t have any more Kit Kat bars to chew on but you may move on to some healthy carrots instead! (yea right) While I was joking about that previous example it does highlight and important action in life, trying new things. Even though you may have “enough,” and that enough is defined by you, you should never get complacent of where you are in life. It is imperative that you never get enough or get tried of improving your life because I don’t believe there ever is a limit on that. You can never get enough of success and you should always strive to achieve it.

-Allan Nicholas

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