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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 48 – Bait

Bait can pretty much be considered as trying to direct the view and perspective of a particular individual. There are many forms in which bait can be perceived as. Whether it is jailbait or baiting you to give into peer pressure, baits will try to coax us into making decisions and committing deeds which we would have most likely not done otherwise. The main point is to draw them in especially if they are elusive and hard to catch. Their primary purpose in life is to be used to attract the attention of specific parties. Their effectiveness is dependent upon the amount of notice that they garner from the respective individuals. What I mean by that is do those who you are trying to bait care about what you are attempting to do. The success that can be outputted is highly related to the amount that the bait plays to the baitee’s interests. If you make it seem important to the individual then they will be more likely to care and fall for what you are putting on. Baits will not work if the individual is onto your case and is made aware of your underlying actions. If so, they will most likely use that knowledge in a fashion that is detrimental to you and your future. Like Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes, Elmer Fudd always got the short end of the stick when he tried to capture the infamous bunny. If you can do manage to make a believable scenario in an amazing manner, you can make it to the point where they cannot resist and their efforts to escape are futile. You basically create artificial motivation from which a person will be in a sense possessed to carry out a desired action. It is important for you create perceivable benefits to those who you are trying to bait and if you do so, they will probably go out and actively seek and find what you have set up for them. The thing with baits is that it is usually a trap. Baits usually have a direct relationship with setting up an environment in a particular organized fashion. You want to arrange the surroundings in a specific style that usually involves getting the individual you are trying to bait into a particular positions or location. Baits most likely have an ulterior motive and because of that you need the presence of the baitee for a certain reason that probably varies from a case to case basis. Baits are a huge part of manipulating your environment and trying to get your life the way you want to be.

-Allan Nicholas

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