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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 43 – The Unknown

The great unknown is pretty much anything that doesn’t have any familiarity associated with it. From areas of land to concepts, anything where little info or knowledge is aware about a particular topic can be considered to be unknown. It is basically having a void that can only be filled by learning about it. What we know builds our perception of life. What we believe to be the truth forms our own personalized form of reality from which we live by. We may not always live the same way and this is because we all see the world from a different life and this is partially because we all know the world differently. Knowing the world helps create comfort and the ability to prepare allows you to feel some control over your current predicament. I would have to say that knowing the truth of a given situation can allow you to be prepared and thus feel more confident in how things will play out and your role in the way the world works. A lack of control over a situation can potentially lead to depression. I remember learning in Psychology class about how a belief that you have no control and your actions don’t play a role or have any impact in how the future will transpire and means that you will probably suffer some sort of depression. The unknown almost always has the characteristic of being mysterious. Embracing it can be a huge part in discovering the mystery involved in life. Some people refuse to explore the dark voids of life and by doing so they can sometimes in a sense be refusing to view the inner depths of themselves as well. Others are willing to tackle it head on looking for an adventure. The mystery in life can cause emotions of fear or even curiosity and those reactions are again all based on individuals like would you be running away from it or want to run out and discover it. The more that we find out as time progresses the more we realize that there is so much in the world that we don’t know about yet. We don’t even recognize the extent to what we don’t know. Science tries to explain it but our perception of life is hiding things from us like dark matter and other topics that are still shrouded in mystery. We humans want to live concrete lives but certain things are unexplainable and accepting it can make your life easier because of ignorance and lack of worries that will accompany them. The only thing is that the greatest discoveries in life that have advanced society spawn from an interest in shedding light on what is unknown.

-Allan Nicholas

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