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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 47 – Rants

Rants are the acts in which you express your displeasure with a current predicament. It is usually in a public manner because at some point you can’t contain your rage or anger. There are two main ways to express anger and that is to bottle it up or let it out. I believe that bottling emotions aren’t always appropriate depending on your situation because you may not always be able to release the sense of anger that has been amassed. It is important though to recognize the boiling point at which you just can’t take anymore. When you get to this point, one little minor annoyance that you wouldn’t react greatly to can make you blow up and seem like you are taking things way out of proportion to the negative impact they have had on you. This culmination of rage and anger is unhealthy and can cause serious danger and harm to yourself and those around you when you essentially explode with rage. The point of rants is that they are a venue from which you can vent. When you rant you are blowing off steam. It is believed that by ranting you reduce stress and I think that we can all attest that it feels much better internally once you release all that pent up anger that stress has caused. There have been different studies used to prove these beliefs but it has been theorized that in the long run your self esteem will become depleted as you continue to try and release stress. The thing with ranting is that it isn’t solving the solution it is just trying to evade the problem but it won’t go away unless you actively try to solve it yourself. An important part of ranting is allowing others to understand your troubling situation. Ranting is usually done in front of an audience or a crowd whether it be multiple people or just a close personal friend. Ranting is also only one form of trying to reduce the negative emotions that pop up inside of all of us during some point in our lives. If you rant to others you make it apparent to friends and family that you require some help and possibly have others actively attempt to life your spirits. This then allows you to realize that others care for you and it makes it known the support and reinforcement available to you. You can then take advantage of it in the future whenever you need help.

-Allan Nicholas

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