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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 51 – Locks

Locks are from a literal standpoint, objects that we use to create a cut off from others to gain entrance. This also can be applied to a philosophical viewpoint as well. The very concept of the word lock is to create a barrier from which only certain individuals can gain access to. Some ways in order to accomplish getting past the barrier can be done by knowing someone who has access themselves like in a club or if you yourself are qualified to join. This means that you have the ability to circumvent this blocking factor without the help of external factors. When talking about locks you need to look at the privacy aspects of the topic. The whole reason of instituting a lock in a particular situation is to prevent access to certain parties because you want to keep something private. It is drawing a line to what is off limits. When you are trying to keep something under wraps you usually put it under lock and key. Whatever is being kept hidden usually won’t be revealed from the inside because those who would make it public can’t gain access to it unless the have an inside source. This is very prevalent in the world of journalism as well as the stock market with insider trading and stories. When you have a lock, the hope is that it will effectively keep certain individuals or groups out that you wouldn’t want to be involved in the current situation. Only those with the key to the lock can be allowed or allow someone else to be accepted and get around the barrier set in place. An important part of keeping things locked is because you may not want others to know everything about you. We all have our secrets and if everyone had to reveal everything they were thinking right then and there, life would be completely different. What others know of you has the potential to change their perspective, interactions, and thoughts in respects to you. They can completely modify your world with their impact on your life so you must portray yourself in a positive light. If others view you as being a liar or annoying, it could impact your life by possibly losing a friend or having that perspective spread from person to person. Another interesting thing about keeping things under lock and key is the whole mystery aspect of it. Mysteries lead to wild imaginations and if you can’t form an idea off of a factual basis then your thoughts can lead to rumors and the spreading of misinformation and confusion. You don’t want others to get the wrong idea of you.

-Allan Nicholas

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