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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Philosophy on Facebook # 13 - Your Moment to shine

Alright since my last post i talked about the moments that have you feeling down and out, this time i wanted to talk about the moments where you can shine. These moments are where people can really flaunt and show their stuff. Highly publicized events such as sporting events like the superbowl gain alot of media notority and are highly valued in the publics eye. The players on these teams have been given basically a shot of a lifetime to prove their worth and beat the other team. Everything that they have worked for is being condensed into a single game. You can obviously imagine how much pressure that the football players must be feeling. the more eyes that are on the person performing the more the weight of the world comes crashing down on their shoulders. The more important the event is and the more things put on the line then the higher the intensity level and the more vital their performance is and therefore the more pressure on them to succeed.

These times where you are put on the spot are where you put your skills and everything you have worked for to the test. it is where you cultivate everything that you have accumulated up to that point. Its is the proving ground to see if you are worthy and in this case worthy to be crowned superbowl champions. As i mentioned with pressure your poise plays a major role in the outcome of the match. if you get put on the spot and all eyes are on you than you might suffer a nervous breakdown and therefore choke when it really matters. This is why preparation is vital in success because not only does the repition help you to calm your nerves but as you all know practice makes perfect and therefore increasing your chances for success when it comes to the real game.

Losing the game would be one of the biggest disappointments those players have probably ever undergone but it isnt necessarily a portrayal of your performance but rather the situation wasnt optimal for you to succeed. Sure its a possibilty that your team could have played like crap and the other team had more heart and deserved to win more than you. This isnt always the case however as sometimes things just go wrong no matter how much you prepare for the situation or how well you actually perform. Sometimes the game winning field goal could have been right on target but a sudden gush of wind pushes it just wide. That sucks for the kicker but he could have been as prepared as he ever would have been and would have made the field goal in any other situation. This makes me conclude that sometimes forces beyond your control unfortunately can affect your outcome. Another example could be if youre on a show like american idol and you are bound for greatness but your reputation is terrible from the publics perspective. then regardless of your skill you most likely wont win because the voters dont want you to win. Thats why it isnt just your skills and abilities that can determine if you fail or succeed, but your overall image and possibly just plain dumb luck. with that said, it can never hurt you chances if you go into situations with a positive outlook and being as prepared as you can. when it comes down to it just try your best because thats all you can do.

- Allan Nicholas

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