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Monday, January 4, 2010

Environment Makes the Man

Kinda like what victor is doing this is my first post in what i hope to become a weekly thing were i just write a little bit about what i notice and my thoughts on stuff. I wanna kinda develop like people commenting back and just mkae like a network where people just talking about stuff like whats on their mind and deep stuff that really makes you think. If you read this and werent tagged then just ask and i will next time. Hopefully I'll get time soon over break to write another one and i think the next ones gonna be about the brain vs. the heart and logic vs. feelings. But for know this ones about a person's environment and how it makes the person. Hope you enjoy it!

With all of the war and terror that basically populates the major television networks today, it’s hard to miss all off the terrible conditions people of the world have to live with. It’s pretty obvious that us as American citizens have got life pretty good. This had led me to deduce that we grow up and become the people we are today by the environment we grow up in. One way is with our nurturing or sometimes not as nurturing parents. They instill values and morals (or lack their of in some cases) in the growing up children of this nation. We also have an extremely well educational system, and while most of you wont agree with me, it is an essential part in becoming a well rounded adult. The amazing environment we are privileged to have isn’t available to everyone. People of warring countries and poverish states don’t have nearly as many opportunities as we do. Young children in Iraq probably don’t have the parents who are willing to help them grow and become what they want to be. They don’t have any good education systems. People in American also have the money and the resources to be able to do what they want. Most people can go to college if they have the desire to. Think of all the possibilities like some child in Afghanistan grows up to find the cure for cancer but his work will never come to fruition because he doesn’t have the opportunity to work in a lab and actually develop the cure. With so many people dying for no good reason, it’s amazing what they could accomplish with the necessary resources and tools. While its not possible for everyone to have these possibilities I think most of us take for granted what we have and don’t take advantage of all the opportunities available to them. It makes me so mad when people just sit around and waste their lives when they could be doing something great for everybody. Most people lack the motivation to really find out what their good at and what they love. If more people develop their skills then the world will definitely find a way out of the rut it’s in now.

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