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Monday, January 25, 2010

Philosophy on Facebook # 12 - Stuck in a rut

Hey guys this one i want to talk about those off days that people have every once in a while. As you probably know things will inevitably take a turn for the worst and can leave you with a negative disposition. These ruts that we have are an essential part of life because they keep us grounded in reality and also allow you an opportunity to cope. If nothing bad ever happened to you, your expectations could potentially extend past what is realistic. Like if you seem to be the best boxer in your area and go undefeated you probably will get cocky and challenge others that are beyond your skill level. The harsh reality is that there is always somebody out there who is better than you and when you meet that person you will be in for a rude awakening. This is why having things not go our ways sometimes can be so critical, especially in your decision making process. When things dont go your way because of your own mistakes then you learn from them and dont make the same mistake the second time. The exception is those you are classified are "insane", where you go into a situation repeatedly the exact same way and make the same decisions expecting different results. This decision making and mistake learning process is basically how humans operate. We wouldnt get anywhere if we kept making the same mistakes and these mistakes occur on these off days. While sometimes things are not our fault and completely out of our control, stuff happens and we need to learn how to deal with it the right way to move on with our lives.

When things go wrong, whether within our control or at the whim of outside forces, their ramifications all leave different effects on the victim. If you just make a simple mistake its no big deal and you get over it. The more dire the consequence of the negative event, the longer it takes to recover. This recovery period is when people dont feel like socializing, and act depressed as well as a lot more symptoms. Your coping mechanisms allow you to get out of this slump faster or slower than others depending on your viewpoint. Like i said in my previous post your perspective is a huge factor in what you can accomplish and it also allows you to get out of these ruts. If you think positive and think that whatever went wrong was no big deal or that some good came out of it, then your recovery will be quicker and you can be back on your feet and operating normally in no time. The opposite goes for those who feel like theyre helpless and the whole world is against them when something goes wrong.

These off days however can have negative effects in themselves. If you are feeling sad or think that nothing can go right for you in a crucial time, then you life can really suck. An example is when youre taking a test. If something bad happened the night before then it will most likely negatively impact your performance on that test. Whenever something goes wrong and during the recovery time necessary to get you back to your normal self, your abilities can be stunted and thus your performance negatively impacted. If you are going to a job interview that can make or break your career and your car breaks down on the way there then you will most likely not get the job. If you have a positive outlook however, and also a very nice interviewer, they may be willing to support you in your times of need and possibly reschedule your interview.

Your environment, as with many other circumstances can also help you in your time of need. If you have caring and compassionate people around you they will try their best to get you out of these ruts and help you recover faster. You might also be able to recover faster in tougher surroundings. An example is if you have parents who basically tell you to suck it up and get over it then you will build up a resistance to negative situations and be able to get back up faster when they knock you down. The one situation that definitely wont help you handle your problems effectively is if you get everything your way. If you are basically spoon fed and then get blind sided by a problem youll then have no idea how to handle it because you have no experience in situations that take a turn for the worst. i think it is important to realize that things wont always go your way (except at like burger king lol) and you have to figure out ways to deal with it ahead of time and be prepared. If you live with this mentality you will be able to accomplish so much more and not be stuck in the ruts that will happen to you eventually whether you like it or not.

When these bad situations occur you are most likely given an option to quit OR stick things out. You are much more likely to tough out bad situations instead of giving up if you know how to deal with it productively. Think what life would be like if the colonists decided to turn back right when they hit a bad storm. They realized that they had to suck it up and that the journey ahead of them would be hard but the rewards on the other side would be worth it. While the werent greeted and welcomed on their arrival to the u.s., their hard work and ability to cope with everything that was going wrong allowed them to build a foundation for one of the greatest civilizations in history. Just think of what youre capable of if you endure all the negative consequences that come in life. You will emerge a better person if you know how to deal correctly and basically anything is possible you are able to get back up when life knocks you down.

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