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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Philosophy on Facebook # 10 - Succes is what you measure it

Wow 10 posts already i hope i can get to like 100. its midterm week so i got some extra time to write this. As midterm week comes along i find that alot of people are stressing about how well theyll do on the midterms and in turn they worry about their grades. This makes me kinda laugh about how much importance people place on one test. Sure you need to do well in school to make it through the game we call life, but one test wont make or break you. Im not saying that stressing is a bad thing and it can help push us and pressure us to want to do good but too much is definitely a bad thing. This is why i want this note to be about success and how it varies from person to person.

Success's definition is an event that accomplishes its intended purpose. As i said before the ultimate influence on you is the environment you grow up and live in. This means that the environment has skewed our opinions one what is successful or not. One major enviornmental impact i believe is the pressure that society places on us. This could be our teachers our friends and even our parents. Our parents try to make the best life for their kids and by getting good grades and pressuring their children to do the best the kids can they feel they can build a fondation to make the childrens lives great. They sometimes get caught up in this and dont realize when they are pushing too hard. Sometimes its not even the parents fault at all. Sometimes the kids themselves are overachievers and put the pressure on themselves. I am like this sometimes. I dont get grounded if i get bad grades and my parents dont pressure me to do good. I put the pressure on myself to do good and when sometimes i dont get a good grade i get mad and feel like i failed myself. Then i realize its not the end of the world and who gives a crap what happened one time. I coulda been as well prepared as anybody else and i just had a brain fart or something that caused me to panic or something that made me forget everything i studied so hard to remember. I now go into things with the outlook that if i tried my best then thats all i can ask for and if i do bad so what ill do better next time. People put too much pressure on themselves or others that they become sleep deprived or worry so much that it actually decreases in their chances of "succeeding."

Competition can also be a cause of pressure as people always try to do better than their peers and hate seeing their friends do better than them. Jealousy is a constant result and can hurt peoples friendships. While competition can spur innovation in the business space it isnt as healthy in the area of education. it can possibly make students do better as they aspire to be as good as their peers and they get the feeling that theyre fighting others for the chance to get into a good college. There is plenty of room in college and there are alot of great colleges out there for everybody and you dont need to fight and compete against others but it is better to collaborate and work together (thats why i believe we should have group test ; P)

People's ideas of what is perfect for them and what they aspire to do and achieve can be skewed by the media. Tons of people think being rich and famous is successful for them. While this might be true you dont need to be wealthy or have alot of friends to be happy. Success usually brings happiness because you get a sense that you accomplished something and you sure dont need alot of money to be happy. Sometimes it does take money to make you feel better though so its impossible to say what one person should want to succeed in. You can succeed even in your failures by learning from them and succeeding in a different way. Like thomas edison said I have not failed 1,000 times. I havesuccessfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb

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