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Monday, January 4, 2010

Life is short so how are you going to live it?

Back again guys! So im not really getting as many comments and feedback as I wanted to but who knows maybe a whole bunch of people are reading this stuff and just not putting out their opinions on the topics I talk about. So instead of a weekly thing im going to write whenever I have time to and im inspired to talk about something. right after I take a shower and before im going to go to bed is perfect because its surprising how inspired you can be after you take a shower and have time to think lol.

So this time I wanted to talk about why people think life is short. Im trying to figure out for myself whether I believe if life is short. One reason if feel people think life is short is because they want to experience more of life. I never have enough time in the day to do everything Ive wanted to do. Ive come to realize that I'll never read every book, see every film, hear every piece of music, visit every country. I'll never see the trees I've planted grow to full maturity. Another reason could be because most people are probably unsure what the future holds for them. Whether you are religious and believe in an afterlife, you could be worried if you are going to end up in heaven or hell. If you are and atheist then you could be wondering what happens after you die. Its tough to not be able to do everything you want to do before you die and when you're about to move on there is always going to be things you will regret not having a chance to do. That’s the reason priorities are so important because you want to be able to do as much of the things that are important to you as you can before you die. Also people don't want to leave everything they've known behind. its tough to realize that one day you will have to give up your parents and even say goodbye to your kids for maybe forever. One good thing is that most people's acceptance of this fact grows with age. Most older people are realizing this fact and are content with the life they have led. One problem of this fact is with the younger people in society who sometimes feel they are invincible. This could lead them to doing some really dumb shit like driving drunk which not only could end their lives suddenly but other people around them too. One important thing that comes with realizing life is short is the fact that it can also be taken away at any second. While it could be very unlikely any of us could drop dead any second due to some crazy disease we've never heard of, theres always a chance it could happen. This leads me to my next point that my very wise 8th grade reading teacher, ms reider, told me. She said that you should never go to sleep mad at someone because you never know if you're going to wake up to make amends with them. It would really suck if you got in a fight with someone you cared about and they died before you could make up and apologize to each other.

I also feel that life is really a relative concept. When you get older a year can fly by without you hardly noticing it. To a child, a year is nearly endless. While 50 may seem young to some of us to die at, to a cat it seems like you are ancient. To a fruit fly it would be the same as living when the big bang occurred to us humans. Speaking of the big bang, life is perceived to humans as short because our lives span such a small scope in the history of the universe. Humanity as a whole could seem to be going by like a blip compared to the whole scheme of things. its hard to think of and wrap your head around this concept but it really is important to try to make the best of all the time you're given to spend on earth. You never know when it could end so you just have to really do things like it will be our last and try to be as prepared as you can for the day when your times up.

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