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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Heart vs, The Brain

Back again! So this time I decided to go back to the old english quartly assesment question that asked if you would rather have a heart or a brain. This was obviously a figurative question because you obviously couldnt live without either lol but i choose a heart as i feel many others did too. I feel like there are 3 angles to look at it. The perspective I was seeing at the time was having emotions and being able to have sympathy and all the other parts that come with having a heart. I felt like if you only had a brain then you would make cold calculated decisions with no regards for those involved. You would do what had to be done using the least amount of effort time and resources. I kind of paint a picture like of a dystopia with a terminator twist where the world is run by machines who dont bother themselves thinking about the lives they are affecting and the consequences of their actions. While this world might be as close to perfect efficiency as you can get, it seems hardly desireable to live in because there would be no emotions at all. You couldnt love or have any other feelings. But this viewpoint is completely biased because its coming from a person with a heart. Lets play devil's advocate for a bit and see why people wouldnt want to have a heart. one big advantage i see is not having your heart get in the way. whatever you do your hearts always has a chance of conflicting with your personal interests and emotions. what some people nowadays are finding troubles with is mixing work and your social life and that almost always ends in disaster. it also happens that a heart could be a major weakpoint in a person. devastation can occur when someones heart gets broken. if you want to get something done, itd probably be best that your heart wasnt broken because that could severely hinder what you are capable of. With both of these sides basically pro and conned i think a compromise is in order to make life the happiest and most fulfilling. You need a brain in order to realize what needs to be done and how you are going to do it. You need a heart though to realize the implications of your actions and hopefully to prevent a person from doing anything rash such as commiting a murder. I feel like this healthy balance is where your conscience comes into play. i feel like its the combination of your brain and your heart blended into one. it basically is where a person weighs everything involved in making a decision or doing something. whether you realize it or not your conscience is bascially involved in everything you do and it just depends on the situation how big of a role they play. they take into consideration what needs to be done and what the possible courses of action are. a persons morals and their values come into play and their sense of right and wrong do to. to kind of referance my previous note, their environment kind of sets up and develops a persons sense of right and wrong. to be a truly successful person you need to utilize both your heart and your brain and not have one dominate the other.

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