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Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Childhood sucked...

...well atleast compared to what our childrens will be like. I dont know about you guys but when i grow up i wanna be a dad and give my kids all the opportunities i didnt have as a kid. This is one but not the only reason why their childhood will be better. We always try to make their lives better than what we had when we were kids. We will always try to provide for them better than our parents provided for us and have them do whatever they want to do. This means giving them all the resources they'll need to succeed. The main reason why I feel their childhood and whole life for that matter will be better than ours is because of technology. Think about it back in the day of our parents they just had little toy matchbox cars and if they were lucky saturday morning cartoons. Think even later than that like with our grandparents and for fun they would push a wooden hoop with a stick. When we were kids we were starting out the video game era. I still remember late night mario kart races as some of the most epic and memorable times of my childhood. Nowadays kids have basically limitless forms of entertainment with the internet. They could visit for a quick game of tower defense or go on youtube and watch some baby dance or whatever they find fun to watch. Now realize that none of this stuff was available a couple of years ago. Just think a couple of years ago people would have thought the wii was using voodoo magic or something crazy like that lol. Just think in a couple years what the ever advancing technology will have in store for us. You yourself can look on youtube and see some of the amazing prototype technology that will be commercially availble by the time we are adults. One of my favorites is with multitouch user interfaces like with the microsoft surface programs. The possibilities are endless. Going back to the first point where we as parents try to make the best for our children, we will be indirectly helping them when we go to work. Besides the obvious fact that youre bringing home the bacon when you have a job you are also helping progress humanities quest for developing better technology. Im not sure about what you guys want to do with your lives but i know i wanna be on the frontier of working with all this cool tech. I want to be making like jetpacks or something crazy youd see in a science fiction movie lol. Regardless of what you want to do you are still helping to make technology better. For instance a janitor helps by requiring better cleaning utilities. You make think this makes no sense but see my logic here. I feel like anybody is capable of innovation and making the next greatest discovery. I feel if there is a void needed to be filled then there is nothing stopping you from filling it. What i mean by this is if a janitor feels like an average mop and broom arent cutting it, theres nothing stopping them from thinking up the next greatest cleaning tool. With this mindset there is nothing stopping our future grandchildren from teleporting to our future retirement homes lol.

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