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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Phun-size Philosophy # 70 – Distractions

Distractions are essentially the things that change the direction of someone’s attention and can be the used to deceive or beguile an individual. One of the biggest distractions can be entertainment that provokes your interests and gets your mind off the worries and vexations in life like escapism. While this may seem like a positive from this standpoint because it can ease the pressures from stress that we will inevitably face in life, it can be a negative in the fact that it severely decreases your productivity levels. It directs your attention away from your primary task usually with something cool or interesting. If you become distracted, it usually comes from something that plays specifically to your individual being to make it so you can’t resist. They can come in many shapes and forms especially in this technological world. In this day and age there are hundreds of TV shows that, combined with the internet as well as psychological things like subliminal messages and ads, can keep our attention away from what we are supposed to be doing for hours, possibly days, on end. Diversions are a specific form of distractions. They are usually external factors that take the initiative to make you notice them instead of what you are supposed to do usually in attempt to hinder your productivity. Staying focused is an important part of getting anything done especially in regards to your productivity because if you get distracted you have the potential to waste time, money, and resources that otherwise could be invaluable. There are those times though that it is good and can even be beneficial to get “lost.” Some of the greatest inspirations come from getting sidetracked or daydreaming. This is because your mind wanders to areas you probably wouldn’t have voluntary though or known about. This gives you a fresh perspective to view the world by and thus I have come to the conclusion that every once in a while it is worth it to daydream in school. Check out more at!

-Allan Nicholas

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