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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Phun-size Philosophy # 74 – Dedication

Dedication in my opinion is putting your heart into something that you care a lot about. It is when an individual puts all of their soul and passion into their work. I believe that if you are genuine about such passion you will almost always receive better results in whatever you are attempting to accomplish. You are actively giving you task at hand all of your effort and if you do you will most likely achieve more success because trying harder gives you a greater odd and opportunity for prevailing where you otherwise would have failed. When you do become dedicated to accomplishing a specific goal you’ve set, it is only natural that you will develop an emotional bond and attachment with it. Because you’ve put so much of your own time and resources into that particular thing it means you care for its progression. This can be a good or bad thing depending upon the particular situation. If you care for something it means you are more motivated to see it to completion and will try harder but it also means that such a bond could be potentially exploited as a weakness. Just like how you probably care a lot for your family, people can use that as a way to penetrate your defenses and manipulate you based on the well being of that something they hold hostage. Devastation will most likely occur if your attempts at whatever you goals are fail because of that attachment you naturally form as time progresses. Seeing your pride and joy not achieve the level of excellence you desired it may seem as if you’ve wasted your time trying to reach that point. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a great sense of accomplishment will ensure if the object you put your dedication into succeeds. You get to see the fruits of your labor and all that hard work eventually turns out into a great accomplishment that deserves celebration.

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