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Monday, July 12, 2010

Philosophy on Facebook # 43 – Mood

Hey guys! I am really getting back on the ball with this philosophy stuff so this next note is about mood. I wanted to do this one next because it closely relates to the previous note I did about emotions. Just like with emotions, mood is also a major factor in happiness. Almost everything is done because of things like motivation which are determined by your emotions but also your mood as well. Your mood helps determine things like productivity because if you’re in a bad mood you won’t want to do anything and that is most likely associated with emotions such a sadness or in extreme cases, depression. Positive moods create a willingness not only to work but to do almost anything, even things you might have not done normally like be more adventurous when it comes to food or thrill rides. Happiness creates a positive mood and a mentality that is open to trying new things in my opinion.

This next part ties in closely with the last note I wrote about emotions. I feel like the world doesn’t really have any emotions and all actions, words, etc are neutral by nature but when associated with human contributions they gain meaning. Rain can be associated with many things ranging from fertility to gloominess when it reality it is just rain and completely natural. One of my favorite situations that exemplify these is the saying “it is only as awkward as you make it.” I find this saying holds truth in almost any context. The parties involved in an awkward situation are the ones making it awkward not the actual actions. It is the context and mentality of those individuals that make the event awkward when it really is just actions or words. The way humans create meaning and apply emotions into different situations are what set the mood. Peace of mind is also directly related to mood. Besides happiness, one of the other greatest motivators is the feeling of success. It I always felt successful in my mood after I did something I could go through life completely happy and would always be satisfied.

One important thing to realize is that fact that your mood is dictated by your actions but doesn’t actually personify your ability and what you did. The example I like to give is some performance like dance or band. If you practice and work so hard but mess up one little part you will probably feel bad. The thing of the matter is that the audience most likely didn’t realize that little error you made yet in your mind you feel worthless and like you wasted all your time. It can be true that you are your own critic. If someone could find a way to manipulate your mood and emotions to be happy, they would be so rich right now. With there might not be a one pill cure all kind of thing, even though many people resort to pills and medicine for happiness, everyone has their own methods and remedies to manipulate their own moods. One instance applies to me personally. Whenever I am pissed off or mad I resort to comedy to lighten the atmosphere and change my mood. South park is a great example because it makes me laugh and it is scientifically proven to make you feel better.

One huge factor in your mood is the relationships and connections you hold with others. Our interactions help set the stage for these emotions. Humans are very social creatures and our social lives dictate how happy we are. If we are hated by many we will feel worthless and a loser. That is only true however if you have low self esteem. Just like how your personality affects your emotions, it also affects the mood. If you have high self esteem you may wonder why people hate you and in turn hate them and think they are stupid for not liking you. Your responses to the different moods are all dependent upon your unique persona. These social interactions don’t necessarily have to be held exclusively with organic creatures are people hold many special relations with inanimate objects. While they are primarily one sided (if your toys started talking to you that would be scary) they still pose a unique role in our lives. One child may confide in their stuffed teddy bear their deepest secrets and just by having a figure, real or not, to listen to them can make all the difference in the world. Loneliness usually creates a mood of sadness but by having something there you can in a sense manipulate the mood through external forces.

One cool thing I have noticed is that there are certain characteristics that are normal and help instigate certain moods. Heart pounding music gets your adrenaline pumping and can make you more likely to take risks… as demonstrated today by Abdus. : P Speeches usually have a way of emotionally inspiring their audiences and through such things we can manipulate the mood like by adding epic music to a speech it basically amplifies the epicness and can be applied to almost anything. Case and point: Hope you’ve enjoyed and look soon for the big news!


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